1. You choose your favorite track in our store and make a purchase.
  2. After you’ve made a payment – we will send you:
    – Legal copyright papers and documents acknowledging you as an owner of this track.
    – Link for a package that will allow you to remix, edit, master and mix your track the way you want.
  3. When you get all of these, you can do everything you want with this track:
    – Publish on any Social Medias;
    – Release your work under your own name, pseudonym, brand and get 100% of royalty;
    – Play it anywhere (Gig performances, any media etc.);
    – Modify your work.
    – We will be very glad to help you to become more popular, develop your brand and focus on performing and touring.

Yes. Once a track is sold, it will not be available for listening or purchase.

As you will be able to listen to any of the tracks at our platform, all of our tracks follow the strict quality standards. This means that we certify that each track published is composed and produced professionally, and has undergone an optimal process of mixing and mastering to be reproduced at any platform or media, with high sound quality and a commercial loudness volume level.

Yes. You can order the remix for your track

A lot of producers from different countries of the world work for our service. We want to do our best so that you could receive the best quality with various ideas and sounding.

Yes, we do. The track will be Removed immediately from the site.

After the purchase, the track is automatically marked as SOLD.

And nobody can listen to it or buy again.

Also, we publish the previews of our track on Instagram.

So, after we’ve sold the track, our manager goes to Instagram page and deletes the sold track from the newsfeed and stories.


You can Custom Original track.